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HQ’s Mind Blowing Savings Event

October 4, 2022

HQ’s Mind Blowing Savings Event

Mind blowing savings have come to select homes from Hunter Quinn! Our team of experts believes that buying a new home should be easy, exciting and within reach for all types of buyers—and our Mind Blowing Savings Event works to do just that.

How it Works

Buyers can expect to save big until October 31, 2022 during our annual Mind Blowing Savings Event. Take advantage of an abundance of savings of up to $60,000—designed to get you into your brand-new home just in time for the holiday seasons.

The Mind Blowing savings event starts with the incentive. Each home that is part of the savings event has its own monetary incentive that can be used in various ways to get you into your new home based on your individual need—whether that’s a lower mortgage rate, additional assistance with closing costs, a lower total home price or maybe a bit of all three. 

Buy-Down Your Rate

Interest rates have been on the rise in 2022, but HQ has an answer! Did you know you can buy down your interest rate? A buydown is a way for a homebuyer to earn a lower interest rate by paying something called discount points at closing—a one-time fee paid upfront. 

When you have a lower interest rate on a loan, you’ll be able to get your monthly mortgage payments down to possibly fix your budget. 

Lower Your Closing Costs

While buying down your interest rate helps lower your monthly payment, saving on closing costs can help keep more money in your pocket in the short-term—allowing buyers the flexibility to use their money for other things like furniture or decor. 

The Choice is Yours

Whether utilizing rate buy down for lower monthly payments, or using the entire incentive to bring down the total home price—the flexibility in how you decide to use the incentive is a must in today's new home market. 

Browse our list of eligible homes or contact Madison to schedule your tour. But hurry—offer ends soon!

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