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Extending the Life of Your Home

Your home is perhaps the largest investment you’ll make. Protect it with proper care. Regular maintenance—simple tasks like cleaning the gutter and checking for air leaks—can prevent major problems from occurring. Changing your air conditioner’s filter, cleaning the dryer’s ducts, and recaulking weatherstripping also ensure that you’re not wasting energy. Replacing the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is essential. We want you to live safely, healthy, and comfortably!

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Protecting what is likely the largest investment in your lifetime is, well, important ( to say the least). While a new home does offer all new everything, maintaining the 'new' is key to ensuring your home functions at its best for the years to come. Life's journey after purchasing a home continues on and so does maintaining your home. Learn how to take care of your investment through our HQ How-To video series. As a homeowner you have the power, we are just here to provide the How-to along the way. 

Homeowner Maintenance Videos

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How to change your Air Filter

In this quick and easy tutorial, Josh will teach you how to change an air filter, when to change it, and why you should change it regularly.

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How to Clean Your Dryer Vent

In this quick and easy tutorial, Josh will teach you how to clean your dryer vent, how often you should do so, and the dangers of not cleaning it regularly.

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What's In My Attic?

In this video, Josh will explain to you what’s in your attic and how to properly maintain these items.

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How to Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

In this quick and easy tutorial, Josh will show you how to test and change your smoke detector batteries.

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How to Change your Microwave Grease Screen

In this video, Josh will teach you how to clean and/or replace your microwave grease screen, how often you should do so, and review some signs to indicate that your grease screen may be in need of a spa day.

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How to Program Your Thermostat

In this video, Josh will teach you everything you need to know about your thermostat.

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Home Maintenance Tips
2-10 Year Warranty Program

The 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW) Program is available only from builders who qualify for this industry-leading coverage. Hunter Quinn Homes is proud to offer 2-10 HBW to back every home we build. Your protection is also transferrable, a boost to the resale value. Download the program booklet to see how we’ve got you covered.

Clean the Filters and Vents

Dirty filters reduce efficiency and drive up energy costs. Clean or replace your air conditioning and heating system’s filter every other month. Have the system serviced by a professional twice a year for preventive maintenance and inspection.

It’s also not enough to clean the lint trap on your clothes dryer after every use. Flammable lint can build up in the vent, so be sure to have it cleaned at least once a year, or when you notice your clothes aren’t getting dry enough after one cycle.

Check the Exterior

Twice a year, check the condition of your home’s exterior. Check for cracks in the brick, stone, and stucco. Check for warped siding, gaps in wood trim, and peeling or blistering paint. Sand, scrape, stain, repaint, and apply wood preservatives wherever necessary.

Prevent Water Damage

Inspect your roof twice a year and look for broken or missing shingles that could lead to leaking. Clean your gutters at the same time to remove debris. Obstacles cause water to back up and it could seep into your home. Make sure the downspouts are also clear and sloped so that the water drains at least 5 feet away from the foundation.

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Start to finish Hunter Quinn team has made buying a home easy. All of my questions were answered and they always seemed so willing to go above and beyond to make this home buying experience great. I appreciate that so much.

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