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New Year Savings Event

Savings up to $60k

On Select Quick Move In Homes

Expect to save BIG this new year during Hunter Quinn's annual New Year savings event this season. Take advantage of an abundance of savings designed to get you into your brand-new home just in-time for the holiday seasons. With more ways to save and flexibility in how you save, the New Year savings event offers a solution for anyone looking to make their next new home move.

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Ways to Save

The New Year savings event starts first with the incentive. Each home that is part of the savings event has its own monetary incentive that can be used in various ways to get you into your new home based on your individual need. Need a lower mortgage rate? Additional assistance with closing costs? A lower total home price? Or maybe a bit of all three?

Whether utilizing rate buy down for lower monthly payments, or using the entire incentive to bring down the total home price, the flexibility in how you decide to use the incentive is a must in today's new home market. Take a look below at the ways you can save on your next Hunter Quinn Home.

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    Rate Buy-Down

    Interest rates are notoriously on the higher end currently, and many buyers find there to be more value in lowering their rates as much as possible. After all, lowering your rate has a direct effect on the monthly payment price. If you decide to utilize the rate buy-down option of the incentive, Hunter Quinn will use all or part of the incentive money allocation towards your rate buy-down!

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    Off the Top

    Sticker shock is a real thing. As the cost of materials and labor rise, so does the cost to build homes. If the total purchase price is the biggest factor in making your decision to purchase your next new home, then consider using the allocated incentive money to lower the total home purchase price. A lower purchase price equates to a lower down payment. If your need is one that keeps more money in your pocket immediately, then consider using this option to blow your mind.

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    Closing Cost Cost contribution

    Hunter Quinn offers up to $3,000 towards closing costs for every home we build when you use our closing attorney and a preferred lender. The average closing cost on a home falls anywhere between 2% - 5% of the home purchase price, putting the average Hunter Quinn purchaser around the $9,000 - $15,000 out-of-pocket total cost. To lower this price and keep a little more money in your pocket, utilize the allocated incentive towards home closing costs!

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    Mix and Match

    We get it. All of the ways to save are… mind-blowing. You are probably thinking “it would be great to use some of each”. Well, you can! The New Year Savings incentive is all about finding creative ways to get you into your next new home. See which incentive or combination of incentives best suits your needs and connect with team HQ today. We can’t wait to welcome you home!

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