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The Main Suite Showdown—Rock the Block Episode 3

March 18, 2022

The Main Suite Showdown—Rock the Block Episode 3

The third episode of Rock the Block has officially aired, and this weeks’ challenge was focused on the main suite of the Hunter Quinn Homes. The contestants were put to the test to make the most out of the final space on the first level—the entire main suite, including the bedroom, bathroom and closet. With unique designs and innovative thinking showcased throughout the whole episode, there’s no doubt that the guest judges, Alison Victoria and Page Turner, had a hard time choosing a winner. 

A look back at episode 3

The contestants put it all on the line this week and pushed their boundaries like never before. The prize this episode was $3,000 to put towards week 4, so it’s no surprise that each team fought creatively and wisely in an attempt to gain the advantage. With the first design challenge introduced this week, the competitive and artistic side came out in all of the participants. The teams were challenged to use their assigned materials in their design, each representing the city of Charleston in some way—and all of them executed the task with innovation and originality. 


The creativity and individuality were brought to the table from all teams in this episode. Egypt and Mike decided to go big with 2 closets and a luxurious shower with smart features, which they added with their week 2 prize money. Their assigned material was driftwood, which Mike used as a base for a beautiful accent table in the bedroom. The renowned judges absolutely loved the serene and tranquil feel that exuded from Egypt and Mike’s design, including the spa-like bathroom and picturesque closet. Lyndsay and Leslie expanded the closet using space from the patio and added a washer and dryer inside for an extra wow factor. The judges were amazed by Lindsay and Leslie’s take on the main suite, complimenting their pops of colors and use of space with a high-end feel from the closet. They adored the bathroom, and said they nailed the tile choices and massive shower. Their assigned material was reclaimed wood, which Lindsay and Leslie creatively added to the wardrobe of the closet for the ultimate rustic-modern feel. Keith and Evan chose to go over the top in the design of the bathroom, incorporating shapes and curves for an incredible design like no one had ever seen before. The judges gasped with awe at the artistic bedroom accent wall made from sailboats, which was their assigned material—and were absolutely blown away by the curved walls and attention to detail in the bathroom, saying they felt like they were “in a castle.” Dave and Jenny made the most out of the space provided to them, using high-quality craftsmanship like handmade tile and custom woodworking to up the value of their main suite. The judges complimented the soothing feel and use of neutral colors in Dave and Jenny’s bedroom, and tipped their hats off to the reading nook and the ultra-luxurious bathroom—which featured a sauna. Their material was sea glass, and Dave incorporated it into the doors of the sauna to add the perfect touch of color and calmness. Ultimately, although an apparent tough decision for both judges—Lindsay and Leslie took the crown this episode due to their flawless use of individuality and creativity in their Hunter Quinn main suite. 

Enhancing the Hunter Quinn style

The designers couldn’t wait to get started in the incredible main suites that they had to work with in episode 3. From the moment they walked in, the high ceilings, windows and gorgeous views were all complimented by the designers—as well as the closets and french doors leading into the bedroom. The contestants were very happy with what they had to work with, and they immediately envisioned amazing interior design the second they stepped foot into the room. We provided the perfect base to let the designers shine and think freely and individually, and they all turned the main suite into an absolute dream. Each team dominated the challenge this week and made the most out of their Hunter Quinn main suite—and we can’t wait to see what they continue to do throughout the season. 


Don’t miss out on upcoming episodes 

We can’t believe that we’re already three episodes in, but there is still so much more to come with this season of Rock the Block—and we’re beyond excited to continue to share our own experience with you. Stay up-to-date with our team on social media, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the home construction process by checking out our Behind the Block series featured on our YouTube channel! Episode 4 of Rock the Block airs on March 21, and trust us—you won’t want to miss it! Be sure to continuously check out our blog to stay up to date on the latest Rock the Block updates. 

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