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The Exterior Showdown—Rock the Block Episode 5

April 1, 2022

The Exterior Showdown—Rock the Block Episode 5

The fifth episode of Rock the Block has officially aired, and this week’s challenge was focused on the exterior of the Hunter Quinn Homes. The contestants were put to the test to make the most out of the entire outside area of their homes—including the exterior finishes, front yard and back yard. With incredible, one-of-a-kind designs and innovative thinking showcased throughout the whole episode, there’s no doubt that the guest judges—“Good Bones” stars Mina Starsiak-Hawk and Karen Laine—had their work cut out for them when deciding on a winner. 


A look back at episode 5

The contestants put it all on the line this week and pushed their creative boundaries for the ultimate home exteriors. The prize for this episode was $5,000 to put towards week 6, which is the final week—so it’s no surprise that each team took risks and utilized their creativity to gain the advantage. The teams brought originality and determination to enhance the landscaping, colors, finishes and details of their home exteriors—and they definitely competed like never before. From the start of the week to the end, all of them worked tirelessly to create an incredible home exterior, and they even had a challenge to overcome in the process. For a quick break, the contestants got to meet a few local rescue dogs, which ended up being an introduction to this week’s challenge—the task to incorporate any type of functional dog area into their exterior designs. 

Keith and Evan set the bar high by adding a multi-textured exterior, and ultimately chose a two-toned color scheme with blue on top, a dark metal roof and brown-toned lower half. They focused on putting native plants in their landscape, adding even more to the Charleston inspiration and maintainability of the exterior. The duo added an outdoor grill and some cabinetry, a cozy fire pit, an edible garden area, a privacy fence—as well as a master’s suite private patio area with a pergola and lounging chairs for an amenity-filled back yard. Originally, Keith and Evan had a creative take on the dog challenge by adding a metal palm tree, canopy-like structure—but ultimately, it was too difficult to accomplish, and they decided to add a heated dog bed to the patio.

Dave and Jenny took a risk by choosing a blush pink color for the exterior of the home, accompanied by white doors and trim, as well as long shudders paired with the french doors and windows at the front of the home. They chose neutral, lightly colored brick steps and a brick skirt around the porch, as well as gas lanterns to add flavor and luxury. The team added an outdoor kitchen in the middle of the back yard, and chose to spend their winning earnings on a hot tub, paired with an outdoor television for anultimate convenience and spa-like addition. They had a unique take on the challenge—turning an old boat into a kid- and dog-friendly play area with sand, seating and functionality. 

Lindsay and Leslie value outdoor living, and were highly focused on curb appeal throughout the week. They went for a multi-textured exterior in week 1, incorporating dark tumble brick on the garage, with shake siding and board and batten mixed in. When deciding on colors, they went with a muted blue-green for the shake, and a gray-blue color for the board and batten—allowing for a welcoming, rustic feel to their exterior to stay true to the heritage of Charleston. They added a multi-purpose outdoor oven, perfect for oyster roasting—as well as a living wall garden, full of edible plants and self-watering features to add to the sustainability of the home. For the challenge, the team went for a multi-functional outdoor wash area—perfect for a dog bath or mud area. 

Mike and Egypt went for a sophisticated, modern-yet-traditional look that is true to Charleston’s culture—using a neutral, lightly-colored brick along the entire exterior, accompanied by a gray-blue color for the trim. They incorporated gas lamps for a historic feel, as well as beautiful pants along the front landscape to tie in color and scenic appeal. The team added a Juliet balcony filled with greenery, bringing in the perfect amount of vibrancy and value. Their back yard design came with a luxurious fireplace, as well as a kitchen, dining area and 3 patios to choose from. Mike built a home-inspired dog house, featuring a perfect-sized opening and windows that paired seamlessly with the aesthetic of the entire home. Ultimately, Mike and Egypt’s luxury, smart and functional exterior took the win for the judges—giving them the upper hand for the final week. 

Enhancing the Hunter Quinn style


The designers couldn’t wait to get started on the exterior and landscape that they had to work with in episode 5. They’ve made the absolute most of the Hunter Quinn interiors they were provided with, and they were all eager to move to the outside of the homes to get that almost-finished, cohesive feeling in their homes. From Mike and Egypt’s simplicity and gorgeous finishes to Lindsay and Leslie’s old-Charleston feel with a modern touch—all of the contestants embodied the Hunter Quinn style in one way or another, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We provided the perfect base to let the designers shine and think freely and individually, and they each turned the exterior and landscape into an absolute dream. All four teams dominated the challenge this week and made the most out of their Hunter Quinn exteriors—and we can’t wait to see what they do in the finale next week. 

Don’t miss out on upcoming episodes 

We can’t believe that we’re already five episodes in, but there is still one more showdown of Rock the Block—and we’re beyond excited to continue to share our own experience with you. Stay up-to-date with our team on social media, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the home construction process by checking out our Behind the Block series featured on our YouTube channel! The final episode of Rock the Block airs on April 4, and it’s a finale full of thrills and surprises that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to continuously check out our blog to stay up to date on the latest Rock the Block news. 

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