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See How Our High-Performance Homes Perform For You

August 9, 2019

See How Our High-Performance Homes Perform For You

Your home is your haven. It provides shelter and comfort. But you should expect your home to do more. With advances in construction and technology, it’s far more than a structure. Hunter Quinn Homes wants you to see how our High-Performance Homes perform for you. 

As the name suggests, our improvements create a home that delivers results on a daily basis. We analyzed every area and came up with a system that maximizes everything from energy efficiency to noise resistance to comfort and convenience. The added features we’ve incorporated in Hunter Quinn High-Performance Homes (HQHPH) deliver efficiencies that will save you money, improve the quality of your home, and provide lasting comfort.

Improved heating and cooling

  • 96% AFUE efficient furnace. Many furnaces are wasteful, but this furnace converts 96% of the fuel to heat with only 4% of energy being lost.
  • Carrier variable speed HVAC system. Effortlessly control the temperature and humidity in your home, because this system automatically adjusts to changes without shutting on and off.
  • HVAC equipment. We’ve raised the standard for insulation by bringing spray foam to the attic trusses. Bringing up the insulation from the floor to the roofline the HVAC system operates in a conditioned space, allowing for greater efficiency with more airtight sealing.
  • Smart Home connected thermostat. Use your smartphone or smart home management hub to master temperature control, like cooling the interior while you’re on your way home.
  • Aprilaire media filter. Get 10 times the effectiveness of a conventional furnace filter and replace it just once a year.

More energy savings

  • PlyGem HP2Max TRIPLE Pane insulated windows. Take advantage of better thermal and UV protection with Low-E windows.
  • Tankless water heater. Instead of paying to store hot water, heat it on demand for an endless supply and lower utility bills.
  • Low-flow plumbing fixtures. Reduce your water consumption without compromising your needs.
  • ENERGY STAR appliances and lighting fixtures. Save money while you save energy with top-quality, energy-efficient choices. 

Increased water management

  • Expanded gutter and downspout system. Better control of water run-off keeps water flowing where it should—away from your home.
  • Native landscaping. We use plants that are native to South Carolina to reduce maintenance while promoting lasting beauty. 
  • Approved and verified grading and swale. We maximize water run-off with a well-defined swale and drainage plan. 
  • Zoned irrigation system. Properly hydrate your yard without overdoing it, and the reward is a beautiful landscape with less maintenance effort and cost.

Advanced construction techniques

  • Panelized wall and truss system. The factory-made systems reduce waste and allow us to keep the materials in a controlled environment where they are protected from damage, like warping. This improves accuracy of critical measurements during construction.
  • QuickTie hurricane protection. Instead of traditional strapping, the QuickTie system provides a safer, engineered solution to secure your home to its foundation. 
  • Zip panel system. This step adds another advanced layer of protection against water and air leaks.
  • Weyerhauser Edge Gold sub-flooring. The 1 ⅛” sub-flooring is 50% thicker than standard sub-flooring, adding to noise reduction.

The smarter home

  • Cat 6 wiring. Get faster internet speeds.
  • Qolsys IQ Panel 2 and Z-Wave Bluetooth. The smart home management system provides a wall-mounted touchscreen to manage your smart devices.
  • SkyBell doorbell camera. Use your smartphone to see who’s at your door, from wherever you are.
  • Keyless entry. Use your smartphone or the touchpad to unlock your home’s doors.

Is your home providing higher standards? Look at the new construction homes and townhomes we’re building in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas. Hunter Quinn High-Performance Homes are engineered to give you lasting value and comfort. Raise your expectations. We’re ready to exceed them.

“My home purchase with Hunter Quinn was nothing less than fabulous. Everyone in the company is so helpful. Any questions or concerns that came up were dealt with immediately. You can tell each person takes pride in the company. I am a real estate agent myself and always will recommend Hunter Quinn Homes first to all of my clients.”

Kerry R.

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