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Our Top Tips for Kitchen Organization

July 13, 2022

Our Top Tips for Kitchen Organization

The kitchen will always be the heart of every home, and at Hunter Quinn Homes, we always design our kitchens with the goal of making our homeowners’ lives that much easier. For this room in particular, it’s not just important for kitchens to be beautifully designed—the designs should be focused on keeping functionality top-of-mind. Read on to see how the kitchen designs throughout our Hunter Quinn Home floor plans help optimize functionality within the space and pick up a few additional organization ideas to ensure that your kitchen works with you.  

Find an organization system that works for you

At Hunter Quinn Homes, we made sure that many of our floor plans featured large pantries as this sought-after feature can instantly create a much more functional kitchen in your daily life. Pantries create the ideal place to store any dry goods, kitchen appliances or specialty items that simply might not get used on a daily basis. In order to fully take advantage of this additional storage space that our large pantries provides, though, you need to figure out the ideal organization system for you.  

Having matching containers that are labeled gives a chic look to your pantry as well as gives you a better visual of all of the larger bulky ingredients you have in stock. They also are great for storing snacks so you’re able to empty out the bulky boxes and seamlessly lay out the containers for easy access every time.  

Store items in locations that just make sense

When you organize your kitchen and decide where each item will be placed, you want to consider storing everything close to where the item will inevitably end up being used. A spice drawer, for example, would surely be best when placed next to the stove—ensuring that you have easy access to all of your favorite spices when cooking up dinner each night. If a smoothie for breakfast has become your morning ritual, think about placing your blender in a cabinet next to the fridge and freezer. For any plates, cups and cutlery that you have, keep them close to the dishwasher, if possible, to ease the loading and unloading part of the process.

Keep as much clutter as you can off the counters

When it comes to having a fully functional kitchen, one main item you won’t want to forget is to keep the clutter off of your counters. Your counter space is valuable, and with plenty of storage and cabinets throughout our Hunter Quinn kitchen designs, even a common appliance such as your toaster doesn’t need to be kept on the counter when it’s not in use. 

Find your ideal functional kitchen

At Hunter Quinn Homes, our team curates each floor plan design to seamlessly maximize each square foot of space throughout our homes. If you’re ready to make the move to a home that has been designed with you in mind—check out our quick move-in homes throughout the Charleston and Greenville areas and give us a call at (843) 936-8089 or fill out our online form today to get started. 

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