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Get Your Home Ready for a Spooky Trick-or-Treat

October 12, 2021

Get Your Home Ready for a Spooky Trick-or-Treat

In just a few short weeks, the streets will be filled with witches, ghosts, monsters and more than anything else—Disney princesses. Sometimes decorating for Halloween takes a back seat in terms of holiday decor (especially with Christmas on the horizon), but at Hunter Quinn, we’ve put together some Halloween themes that are sure to make your home the spookiest on the block for a fun night full of trick-or-treating. 

Family Friendly

Halloween doesn’t always have to be synonymous with scary. If you create a theme centered around fall harvest you’ll have a great way to get your entire family involved in decorating as well. 

If you’ve made the annual trip to the pumpkin patch this year, or grabbed a few pumpkins at your local shop, you have the perfect opportunity to add some festivity to your home in a fun and easy way. Let your kid’s imaginations run wild as they draw silly faces on the pumpkins for you to carve. Give them opportunities to paint some smaller pumpkins to create a mix of color, and then find the perfect spot to show off your masterpieces in the front yard. Add in some hay bales and a scarecrow and you’ll have a perfect set up this season. 

If you want a little extra Halloween fun, any house can easily become a monster house—you just need googly-eyes. Take two small black plastic plates and superglue or tape them to larger white plastic plates. Add them to your front door, windows or bushes for a fun scene for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters. 

Graveyard Ghouls

If you’re in the mood for a chilling theme on Halloween night, a classic way to do this is to turn your yard into its own cemetery. With so much that can be added to this scene, it’s easy to find items that fill up your space. 

Start by finding (or making if DIY is more your style) some headstones to line your walkway and add some different colored lights to show off each one. Throw in spider webs to cover bushes and hang from your house, and don’t forget that the trees in your front yard can easily be used for additional decor. Create some make-shift ghosts and bats to hang from tree branches for a perfect way to finish off the look. Incorporate a group of witches gathered around a caldron or skeletons poking out of the ground and your house will be the talk of the neighborhood this Halloween.

Simply Sinister

Halloween decorations can be eerie, but there can also be a certain sense of beauty in them. If you find yourself leaning toward a gothic romance theme, here are some tips to enhance the dark beauty that Halloween can help bring to the forefront. 

Mixing red and black roses with pearls, lace and fake spider webs can make an eye-catching floral spotlight to place in a vase on your front porch or a wreath to hang on your door. Vintage beauty with a dark twist is key for any gothic theme, so don’t be afraid of adding in skulls, leather-bound books, Victorian gargoyles or striking candelabras for a front yard full of sinister beauty. 

Taking ideas from some of your favorite Halloween movies is also a great way to enhance your designs, and if you need some inspiration from the king of gothic film himself, catch up on your Tim Burton Halloween favorites before getting to work. 

Don’t forget to add plenty of light to whichever theme you choose in order to show off your designs and make it easy for trick-or-treaters to walk the path to your front door. And if, in the future, you find yourself looking for a new neighborhood that meets your Halloween spirit, we’d love to talk to you about our South Carolina homes in Charleston and Greenville

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