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F.R.O.G. Showdown—Rock the Block Episode 4

March 22, 2022

F.R.O.G. Showdown—Rock the Block Episode 4

Tensions were running high this week on the fourth episode of Rock the Block as the teams set their sights on impressing guest judges Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent with their second floor loft and F.R.O.G. (finished room over garage) renovations of their Hunter Quinn homes

A look back at episode 4

With two separate spaces to design, and their budgets steadily dwindling, each team was focused on getting the most out of a slightly smaller budget during this challenge. With two weeks left in the competition, every dollar counts. 

Last week, Lyndsay and Lesile came out victorious with their main suite design—and with the additional funds they secured from their win, they were able to incorporate an incredible peg board wall into their loft for a truly creative children's area in the home. For their F.R.O.G, they created a separate apartment style suite that could easily be turned into a rental property or simply used as an extra space for guests to stay. With a full kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and seating area—they truly thought of everything. 

Keith and Evan had the same general idea in mind for their F.R.O.G. Throughout the rest of their home, they’ve focused on keeping a sense of luxury surrounding each piece they chose, but for this additional space—they truly went the extra mile with their creative vision. Walking into their F.R.O.G felt as if you were walking into a different home entirely with bright paint colors and distinct tilework to round out the space. Their second floor loft was used as an additional seating area that gave off the sense of serenity and added a main design focal point with a built-in wall art piece that also doubled as extra storage.  

The main focus for Egypt and Mike was creating a truly functional space in their F.R.O.G. The idea was to create a room that could be used as both a home office and guest bedroom. When you move the desk a few feet closer to the couch to create a make-shift dining room table, you’re able to pull down the Murphy bed to create a complete bedroom—an ideal rental space for a traveling professional, or the perfect suite for your in-laws. For their second floor loft they also decided to go a route similar to Lyndsay and Leslie and create a space that was specifically created for the kids. With a built-in double desk on the far wall, and couches and cushions lining the other end—it offers the ideal space for kids of any age to relax.  


With all of the incredible ideas and designs we saw throughout the episode, it was Dave and Jenny that came out with the win once again this week. Similar to the other contestants, the main focus of their F.R.O.G was about creating a separate suite for guests to stay in or to use as a rental property. With a Trundle style daybed, drop-down desk that can easily be put away—the space is all about versatility and functionality to get more appraised value out of the home. Unlike the other competitors, Dave and Jenny decided to go a different route with their second floor loft and create a larger room for laundry. This proved to be the smart decision in the end as guests judges Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent chose them as the winner of this weeks’ challenge. 

Enhancing the Hunter Quinn style

As soon as each team walked up the staircase and stepped into the F.R.O.G, their minds instantly filled with the design possibilities the room offered. Having separate spaces throughout the home to use as additional lounge areas, work spaces or extra bedrooms is a huge idea throughout our Hunter Quinn home designs. Homeowners today want versatility and functionality as well as overall design excellence, and this episode truly brought all three of those ideas together. 


Don’t miss out on upcoming episodes 

The competition is heating up, and we know you don’t want to miss out on any moments of the show. Keep an eye on our social media to stay up-to-date, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the home construction process by checking out our Behind the Block series featured on our YouTube channel! Episode 5 of Rock the Block airs on March 28, and trust us—you won’t want to miss it! 

“The project manager told me many things that I never in my life would have thought about, about how the homes are built, and I definitely appreciated the information. I close next week and I am beyond excited!”

Krista M.

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