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Bring These 2022 Design Trends to Life in Your Hunter Quinn Home

February 18, 2022

Bring These 2022 Design Trends to Life in Your Hunter Quinn Home

There are some design trends that fade away as quickly as they come. The word trend itself offers up an idea of an inevitable fleeting moment, but at Hunter Quinn, we tailor our homes to keep up with any and all passing fads. If you’re in the mood to re-do your home design with some of 2022’s up-and-coming trends—your Hunter Quinn home holds the perfect design template for you to explore. 

Bring natural elements indoors

What started out as a trend going into 2021 is not slowing down at all now that 2022 is upon us. Bringing natural elements into your home interior offers a calming effect throughout your space. With working from home still an ever-present aspect in our lives, bringing in natural elements allows us to reconnect with the world around us. Bringing in stoneware tables and an abundance of greenery will pair well with the natural flooring and white washed walls that your Hunter Quinn homes boast—creating a tranquil scene, perfect for beginning your new year on the right note. 

Add color throughout your space

White walls are held in high esteem in the home building industry for many reasons—one being that they are the perfect blank slate for you to explore your design dreams. While neutral colors always offer a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for any home—adding in a pop of color through furniture, rugs and art pieces is the perfect way to add in some extra excitement to your home this year. 

A mix of vintage finds

Contemporary style mixed with vintage flare is another idea that is leading the way for 2022 design trends. Adding in contrasting colors, textures and styles where you can will give your home an added sense of depth and intrigue. Although natural colors are always a hit, don’t be afraid to mix up some patterns where you can—the neutral color palette focusing on shades of white and black that is at the forefront of your Hunter Quinn home will be the perfect backdrop to all of your vintage finds. 

Take advantage of wall space

Having artwork throughout a home is not a new concept, but as we enter 2022, 3D art is making its way into home interiors. What better way to fill the space on your intrinsically beautiful white walls than to add in artwork that pops (both literally and figuratively). This trend has added a sense of whimsical energy to homes, lightening the mood while at the same time, creating an eye-catching display that is sure to impress.  

The new year offers an incredible opportunity to create the home design you’ve always wished for—and your Hunter Quinn home was expertly crafted to ensure that it fits the trends before you even know what they are. If you want some additional inspiration for your home interior, take a look through our photo gallery or stay up-to-date with some of our newest home builds and design trends throughout the upcoming season of Rock The Block. If 2022 is the year you decide it’s time for you to find your forever home, fill out our online form today to get started.

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